Monday, October 28, 2013

Hats Off to Professional Truck Drivers

One week of every September is dedicated to professional drivers and is called National Truck Driver's Appreciation Week.  I know all of us here at Brenny would agree that one week is not nearly enough.

At Brenny we are continually teaching each other about what goes on in each department and staying on top of all aspects of the trucking industry.  This includes learning about insurance, billing, and safety from our Admin. department.  We also made a visit to our shop where they showed us how equipment works and some of the maintenance that the equipment gets regularly.  It's amazing to see some of the things our shop does to make the trucks more efficient and decrease emissions.

It is one thing to see the equipment work, such as the axles sliding and so on, but when we were given examples of some of the rules, regulations, and the do's and don'ts pertaining to the state or province you are in, things get rather confusing.

Many of us get a little dose of Truck Driver reality when talking about what a driver has to deal with.  It is pretty sad that a driver has to almost constantly worry about everything they are doing.  One of these things they have to constantly monitor is their hours of service, or H.O.S.  I'm not going to get into any details about it, but I think that shippers and receivers need to think about what these guys & gals go through. Every minute of a truck driver's life is monitored by H.O.S.

Imagine if a pizza delivery guy had to follow certain hours of service, and specific drive time that he is allowed to drive.  If he is on the way to drop off pizza for you, and hits his limit of drive time, then has to pull over and wait for hours, how are you going to feel when you can't get your pizza on time?  How about the delivery guy not being able to get home to see his kids that night because he ran out of drive time?

Our hats off to you  Professional Truck Drivers!!!