Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Customer Service Walks the Walk

Many companies claim that their customer service is top notch, or the best.  Brenny Transportation Inc. & Brenny Specialized Inc. are "Grand Champions of Customer Service". 

Sure we gave ourselves the title, but we don't just talk the talk.  Read what some of our customers say and you'll see that we walk the walk also. 

Customer Testimonials:

  • "It is clear that you guys value our relationship and we are thankful that we can make each other successful."
  • --- Micah

  • "...You are really reliable and willing to put forth extra effort to help us out, as I am sure that you do for all of your other customers. And I sincerely thank you for that! You truly are awesome and I think that sometimes people need to be patted on the back for good jobs done...because many times these efforts go unnoticed! So kudos to you...!"
    --- Amy

  • "It was great to meet such a smart, hardworking team with such high moral ethics regarding work and family."
    --- Cheryl

  • "There is no way that I can express the level of Quality and Performance...I have heard nothing but compliments about the drivers and the willingness they show to make the Customer happy. They show and treat their Customers with the highest respect. Being an ex-driver, I’ve known a lot of truck lines and I’ll say for sure that there are very few, to none that can compare to Brenny’s reputation. It's my pleasure to recommend Brenny Transportation, Inc. to our customers or vendors."
    --- Art

  • "Brenny Transportation, Inc. is the best freight moving company our company has worked with. They are always on-time. Their staff is always cheerful when they answer the phone with a good morning or afternoon. When asking for quotes, they always get back to us in a timely fashion with good rates!"
    --- Louis

  • "We are pleased with the outstanding customer service Brenny has provided, through their willingness to always look for opportunities to improve and the relationships they have established with our customers. We have experienced 100% on-time delivery, zero customer complaints in regards to drivers and 99.1% successful shipments without a claim."
    --- Steve

  • "Brenny is by far one of the best companies I have ever dealt with, and it is always a pleasure working with them."
    --- Stefani

  • "I have been using Brenny Transportation for more than eight years. Brenny Transportation does a great job with customer service, proof of delivery and the handling of any special needs that come up. They were a tremendous help in the arranging and processing our first sales order with multiple container shipments to Hawaii. All of the loads were handled expertly. They really exceeded my expectations with communication, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. I have been completely satisfied with their services over the years."
    --- Holly

  • "Brenny Transportation has been a helpful partner in developing creative solutions to complex logistical problems. We have two suppliers in Monterrey, Mexico, that were shipping materials to us 2-4 times per month. Brenny provides a service that offers truckload shipments that eliminate multiple handoffs to cross the border, shortens the transit time, coordinates with the Customs Broker, and all at a reduced total cost. We are also realizing significant time savings in having Brenny arrange and direct all of these steps in this process.
    I would recommend that you consider including Brenny Transportation as a partner to support the logistical need of your business. They truly are the Grand Champions of Customer Service."
    --- Dave

  • "We love working with Brenny! Their customer service is impeccable and that is why we continue to use them. Keeping it professional, but still having fun with us makes everybody's jobs even more enjoyable. Thank you Brenny!"
    --- Team @ local auction company

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