Friday, July 26, 2013

Dispatching Drivers - Experiencing the U.S. from a Trucker's Perspective

As a new member of the trucking world, I am still adjusting to the break-neck pace of daily life and the confidence necessary to be successful in this industry. There are various tasks that go into being an award-winning brokerage and champion customer service provider, and one of these tasks is dispatching truck drivers.

The dispatching process entails giving the driver pickup and delivery information, which usually includes directions we get specifically from the shipper and receiver, pickup numbers, and any other additional information we know will make the driver’s life easier and the entire process of hauling the load run smoothly.

One factor that makes Brenny stand out from other brokers is our process of having drivers call our office to get their dispatch information instead of getting it from their dispatcher. We have a strong dedication to making sure the carrier we choose to haul a customer’s load is trustworthy and reliable. At the same time, we like to connect with the driver to let them know we are here to help them in any way possible during their hauling process.

Talking with the drivers during dispatches has been a great eye opener for me. When I first started in transportation I had no idea of the industry’s diversity. Some days I’ll move a load with a drawling dispatcher from the Deep South before dispatching a driver from the East Coast with a thick Jersey accent. Just yesterday I spoke with a driver picking up a load in Kentucky that delivered to a small town in New York where the driver’s grandpa used to own a farm. It’s always surprising how small the world can be.

The dispatching process has enabled me to see the country through the eyes of a truck driver, which is an entirely new perspective. I’ve learned so much in the short time I’ve worked in transportation, and according to industry veterans, I will continue to learn something new everyday.

Angie Battistini-Gentile

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