Friday, July 19, 2013

            My name is Rachel.  I started at Brenny in April 2012 and am now a logistics coordinator.  When I first started I was captured by the passion.  I remember sitting at the back table finishing up my final interview questions when this eruption of excitement burst out.  Joyce is on the MN Trucking Association Board of Directors and had been working for years to help get a bill passed that would indemnify truckers from transportation related incidents which they did not cause.   Brenny got the phone call during my interview that the law had passed.  When Joyce made the announcement bells literally rang in the office.  Everybody jumped out of their seats and cheered.  I had no experience in the transportation industry but I could feel the energy that this team had.  It was the fuel that made me want to work here.  I wanted to be apart of a group of people that felt such passion. 

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